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Vacuum and Objects

Hello everyone,

I am a recent user of RoboDK (free version, I actually test it for my company). I followed some tutorials on Youtube.

Actually, I try to use a Vacuum in order to pick and place a cardboard plate.

I found this Webinar :
In the Exemple 2, at 18:30 sec, a vacuum is used.

Is it possible to download this example somewhere ?

Other question, how can I create differents objects in order to pick and place them ? (cylinder, plate with specific dimensions...).

Best Regards,

Hi Romain,

You can download the Webinar examples here:

Have a great day.
Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your answer. I recovered the vacuum.

I need to create a plate (7 meters by 3 meters).
One solution seems to create the plate with a 3D application (in .stl) and to import the object in RoboDK.

But is it possible to create customized objects in RoboDK ?

Have a great day.

It's not possible to create an object in RoboDK.


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