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Variable TCP - Deburring with Ceramic Fiber Stick


We use ceramic fiber sticks for deburring aluminum parts.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=4228]   
Is it therefore possible to make a variable TCP so that we achieve a better utilization of the ceramic fiber stick? If we deburr with a fixed TCP, we will quickly wear a mark on the ceramic fiber stick, so we will have to replace it.
With best regards
Jonas Jensen
It is not possible to have a variable TCP, however, you can define your TCP so you can easily adjust based on certain criteria.

For example, you can set the TCP at the short tip of the tool with the Z axis pointing towards the long side of the tool. You can then adjust a second TCP based on the first one and offset the Z value with respect to each other. This script shows a proof of concept:

It should be easy to adjust for your application. For example, you can trigger this function and based on the date, the number of passes or simply a measured length in MM you would adjust the location of the TCP used for production in your manufacturing application.

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