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Variable based looping

I really need variable based looping before I can use RoboDK as a direct replacement for physical robots. Some sort of "" loop AND a "While x<y" really is needed as it is a critical part of my class and having to do the logic in Python is not going to work for the class as many of the students don't have programming background (they are manufacturing oriented).


Hi Kevin

Thanks for your suggestion. It is currently not possible to create for loops in a user friendly way. However, you can accomplish this in one of the following ways:
  • Manually enter the code required to run the loop as a Program call or "insert code" instruction
  • Use the API
I also never understood why it is not possible to program loops in RoboDK. Every robot programming language offers such commands. For example, if you want to grip twenty parts, it is very inconvenient to call a subroutine twenty times. RoboDK is great, but this functionality would make it even better.
Thank you for your feedback.

We'll try to integrate a for-loop or a while-loop in the UI without making things too messy.
This function was added with RoboDK Version 5.2

Here's an example of how to implement it. 
Let us know what you think. 


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