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Variable target positions / OPC UA interface to plc

Hi all,

we currently are evaluating the RoboDK software and on the first sight came to the conclusion, that it might be very helpful for our future robot projects.
We like to purchase ist but in detail some issues arose which we hope you can fix or give us solutions at hands.

1) OPC/UA interface to a plc (Siemens S7 1500): In our current project we have a pick&place application. The pick position is always the same but the place position varies according to offset
values (xoffset,yoffset) given by a plc on every pick.
Unfortunately the OPC/UA interface of RoboDK does not work as we expect. We can connect to it by the plc or by an third party OPC/UA client but we are not able to define UA nodes
to interchange data.
Can you help us on this ?

2) Variable target positions: As mentioned above, we have to place a certain object with regards to offsets given by the plc on every place action. Therefore we would like to define
some IO variables on the Kuka side:

; Userdefined Variables
SIGNAL xoffset $IN[500] TO $IN[515]
SIGNAL yoffset $IN[516] TO $IN[531]

and refer to them on every place action:

LIN {X xoffset,Y yoffset,Z 0.000,A 0.000,B 0.000,C 0.000,E1 0.00000}

This should work inside the RoboDK simulation environment as well as on the target Kuka roboter - Ideally without modification of the Kuka program after being generated by the postprocessor.

In the hope that you can help us

Best regards

for the first point we found a solution. We use the Python OPC UA Library now.

Does anybody have a solution for the second point? Is it possible to change the postprocessor in such a way that it can handle variable target positions?

Best regards
You would have to modify the post processor to add the offset values in the coordinates. More information here:

Also, our OPC UA plugin is open source. You can create your own nodes and make it work as a server or as a client. You'll find the source code here:

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