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Vertical correction for paletizing plugin

Hello community!

I'm having some troubles using the palletizing plugin. How can I make my palletization paths in the simulation "prettier." In the videos and documentation, in some of the pictures the paths have a vertical line above where the boxes are supposed to be placed seen in this image. How would I do this since all my paths are either really odd-looking, or when placing the box the box will go through other placed boxes. Here is another image of what I'm trying to achieve. I could not find any resources about this. Any ideas? If it would be helpful I can post pictures of my current paths.
You can modify the approach and retract motions in order to get more complex paths than a simple place down and go back up, in addition on the general tab, set the "Robot Configuration" target to a target where the robot is the desired configuration and when generating the program, the inverse kinematics will use the solution closest to that target.

In order to offer more specifics about where I would place the target, you would need to attach a copy of the station to this thread

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