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View not orbitting around touch screen touch point

When I use a touch screen monitor with robodk and I want to orbit/rotate the view around an object. At times it will not detect that the touch position is over an object to orbit around it. This will cause the view to be thrown off because of how sensitive the rotation is especially when I get closer to an object to view it.

From what I've noticed with a mouse, is that if you click the mouse over an object it will orbit the view around the point on the object that it was clicked on. If you do not have the mouse over the object then it will orbit in open space in the center of the view. Or orbit around the object that it found in the center.

I've also noticed that if i set the object's opacity to be below 50% then I cannot select it anymore nor does it affect the orbit. Is it possible to have it still be detected by the orbit but not be select-able?
Your statements are accurate. This behavior has been created like this by design. 

Unfortunately, the option to be able to click on objects with opacity below 50% is not configurable at this moment.
Rather than orbiting around in open space or needing to hover my mouse or touch over a part of a selectable object. Is it possible to just allow orbitting around a frame or the object's model itself?
This is currently not possible. You would have to manually click on the point you want to use as the rotation point. If you can share your RDK project file we may be able to help you better or consider improving how 3D rotation works with RoboDK.
Improvement with 3D rotation would be nice, especially with touch screens. With touch screens right now, you're quite limited on how much control you have on the scene compared to a mouse or that it feels more janky.

If I were to touch on my screen with one finger it would orbit, which is fine. But if I were to put two fingers on my screen, normally I would expect something else to happen but it would still orbit. Maybe make it so that if you have two fingers on the screen it would move around the screen? The same way you would move when holding down middle mouse.

The jankiest control I've seen so far is the zooming in/out with two fingers. Sometimes when zooming, the view would just jump to center itself to one of the fingers. But the main problem for me is that the zooming is too quick and is hard to control especially since I can't move around the scene.

Just so you know I'm using version 5.6.0 and not the latest version so I'm not sure if you've already fixed any of these yet.

An example of how I would envision how the touch controls would work is the website:
If you are using a touchscreen I recommend you to enable the 3D view toolbar to easily control the 3D navigation action. You can right click on a toolbar outside of an icon to see additional toolbars that are not enabled by default.

If a system with only a touchscreen is detected in RoboDK the default action the rotation (instead of the selection). You can configure in Tools-Options-General, then select the Default left click action to Rotate.

Then, with a 2 finger action you can pan and zoom.

What operating system are you using with a touchscreen? Do you have a sample project you can share to better show the issues you are facing? If we can better understand the issue we can try to improve the 3D view settings.

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