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WAAM - G-code M-code, start and end of welding


I am trying to use RoboDK for for 3D metal printing - WAAM. Can you please help me with a few things? I want to implement or tell to program, that welding robot needs to stop welding before fast crossing and start welding after fas crossing. I wanted to use some instruction for classic 3D printing of plastic (maybe start or end moving the filament). But I am more technologist, than programmer and I am not able to do this.

Maybe it's a good idea always before and after welding for the robot to come to its home position, so that each layer has the opportunity to cool down a bit.

Lastly, I can't determine a larger Z-axis offset than 1 mm in classic Slic3r. Would it be possible to include a Z-position adjustment before each additional layer using wire search?

Thank for helping me!

Kind regards


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