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"Wait for Part" Python Program

Attached is the current palletizing workspace I have. Where would I be able to get assistance writing the python program that will make the robot wait at the approach position above the conveyor feeding the boxes until the box gets within range of the robot? This is my first time using robodk for palletizing. I copied the current pythos program from the "Example-06.e-Conveyor with 2 UR robots" as it is very similar to what I need my robot to do.

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.rdk   PewPallet.rdk (Size: 1.87 MB / Downloads: 441)
Hi Tsmpson3, 

Instead of trying to detect the next part, I would recommend you to start with something a bit simpler. 

I attached two python macros that you can add to your station and call when you need it. 
The "NextBox" will move the conveyor forward a certain distance each time it's called. 
And "InitConvPosition" will bring back the conveyor to "Zero".
Make sure to edit the conveyor name and distance traveled before running the macro. 

Hope it helps. 

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.py (Size: 636 bytes / Downloads: 436)
.py (Size: 562 bytes / Downloads: 412)
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