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Warning: Unsuccessful read:

Hi all,

I get this warning when trying to use "world=RL.Get_Item('New station(1)')". I'm using matlab.

"Warning: Unsuccessful read:  The specified amount of data was not returned within the Timeout period. "

After a few seconds being busy, this msg pops up without actually returning the result expected.

How to fix it? Seems like the communication between Matlab and RoboDK is not well established.
There are two versions of the RoboDK API for Matlab (attached here):
1- One requires the Matlab Instrument Control Toolbox, distributed by default with RoboDK until September 2016.
2- Another one that uses the tcpclient module, included with the standard Matlab license after release 2014b. This one is distributed by default with RoboDK since October 2016.

You will the two versions attached.

To fix your issue, first make sure that you have Matlab 2014b or later. If this is the case, you can try the 2014b RoboDK API release. Otherwise you will need the Matlab Instrument Control Toolbox option.

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