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Welding Path questions

I would like to purchase the software for welding. However I can't find a way to create paths that would use desired gun angle wile not causing a collision at the beginning or ending of the path with adjacent walls. 
It looks like some of the examples the curve is broken in two and the gun is angled in opposite directions in a way that would solve a collision. However what's needed for welding is a flare motion of the gun so that the gun can start angled in the corner at the beginning of the curve and become normal to the curve as quickly as posable (the same at the end of the curve).
Is there a way to make a path with gun angles vary along the same curve?
How are you creating the paths to start with? if you look at the ABB example 03 they have a welding station that follows a toolpath, and you can see the "toolpath normals" in the RDK station as little lines pointing out from the toolpath.

This sounds like something you need for your project, If you have 5axis programming ability this is not an overly complicated thing to do, it would be a fairly simple pencil type toolpath that any good CAM programmer could do for you for a crate of beer.

Await a response from the RDK guys as they might have another method to achieve what you need, they normally respond quite quickly on a weekday.

Hi Will, 

For this particular thing, it was easier to just record a short video. So here it is.

I also attached the macro I used. You could do without by using "split at ends" but if you have many paths on one single part, it can be faster in the long run to use the macro.

Hope it helps. 

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Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Thank you for the response, that answers my question.

One other question. Is there a macro for "multi pass". Something that would pattern curves or tool paths like this:

Thank You
Hi Will,

No there isn't any macro for that purpose at the moment, but a basic version of it could potentially be set up relatively quickly for basic welds. Depends on how time-sensitive is your current project.

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

It really depends on the kind of welding work you want to do. For most DIY-ers and hobbyists, we recommend buying Stick then MIG welding packages with a spool gun and flux core welder. There's also Tig welding (like for thin metals.) And there's an Arc Welding package if you're going to learn that type.
But it all starts with identifying what type of weldment you'll be making so that our team can recommend the right kit for you! Our customer service reps are available by phone or chat at [insert website] if you need more help selecting the best software for your needs!
Also, check out some best TIG welders reviews before making a purchase decision:

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