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Welding Teach Tool Postion

Hi All,

I am trying to create a welding program but the welding torch keeps clashing with my work piece. I have created a curve follow project and when I try to correct the welding torch manually and select teach, when I update and simulate, the program disregards the teach position and reverts back the to the clash position.

I have attached screenshots of my issue.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

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Hi thefabricator03,

I see two solution you could try, one is to change the angle of path with the "Modify curves" option in "Tools", I suggest you put it around 45 degrees.

Once you clicked on the Modify curves option, you should see spheres with arrows showing the orientation of the tool, just click on them to modify the orientation.

The other is to change the position of the TCP a little bit to avoid the collision, but the first option is better.


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I think the real problem here is that the software is disregarding the teach positions. I am having this same problem-- there is a joint configuration that works, you tell RoboDK to use that configuration, then it just ignores you and goes back to the configuration that doesn't work.
Can you attach your RoboDK project? (RDK file)

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