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What is difference between robot made my CODESYS and made by Python ?

hi everyone, i am new user of RoboDK family. i am very very new for robotics. So i have a few question about plc programming and python. Questions may be so easy but i am new in sector. Anyway.

what is difference between robot made by codesys and robot made by python with robodk, can we make a robot only using python without any Codesys program?
second question is what is difference between raspberryPi and robodk module, so can we make a robot only using python without raspberryPi?
thank you so much.
I hope that has been revealing.
Hi Muhosevo,

When you say "make a robot", do you mean building a robot from scratch?
If so, your question would be better appropriated on a general robotic forum like this one:
There are a lot of very knowledgable people there.


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