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Which post processor for Raspberry pi


Can you tell me which post processor i have to choose to link a respberry pi controller of my own robot with Robodk ?

If You will run the code generated on RoboDK inside the Raspberry Pi, I assume You will need to create a custom post processor for it.
Thanks that's what i wanted to know, i shoold just search for how and which langage is known by Raspberry pi controller.
the same thing with Arduino controllers, i don't know if the code generated by the G-code post processor in Robodk can be used with an arduino controller to control motor's driver, and i don't find tutorials about all of this things.
Are you using a Raspberry Pi as a custom build controller?
What programming language does your controller need?
actually, i will make the first step in a robotic project and i don't want to make the wrong one, i'm searching for which controller board is easy to be connected with Robodk (which is support by an existing post processor in Robodk), for my knowledge the most known ones and easiest to use are Arduino or Raspberry pi, but on the other hand, i didn't find how to link them with Robodk, so i'm afraid to begin my project and at the end i will be blocked because of this issue.

so, as a beginner, which language i shoold use in my controller (arduino or raspberry) to be supported by an existing post processor in Robodk ? or which controller bord (that i could buy) is supported by an existing post processor in Robodk ?
So, I'm just guessing here, but If You will use Raspberry Pi or Arduino, I would advice You to program it in Python, that is a wide used and well documented language. And, most important, is the language RoboDK is written.

RoboDK has Mecademic post processor, that generates its robot programs in Python as well.

So a good start would You making a copy of Mecademic post processor and customizing it to Your needs.
thanks, i will take your advice and see how i can do it.

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