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Worker animation and Indexing Conveyor

Can you show workers or people moving in RoboDK?

How can I get an indexing conveyor in RoboDK?

Would that require modification of the python script for the conveyors in the RoboDK library?
Hi doforid,

Please take a look at these two examples.

You can simulation a moving worker by having a rotation mechanism on top of a translation 2 axis mechanism.

To have a indexing conveyor, it is better to use a mechanism with a python script like the one in the example. 
You can change the indexing value by modifying the travel value in the Run_Conveyor script.


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.rdk   IndexingConveyor.rdk (Size: 151.05 KB / Downloads: 392)
.rdk   MovingWorker.rdk (Size: 654.43 KB / Downloads: 397)
Thank you very much Oliver

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