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Working with Fanuc F200iB


I am using Fanuc F200iB for my project and I use the robot from RoboDK's library. I have two questions:

Question 1: As shown in the attached picture (Question_1.jpeg), we see that the origin is not placed in the surface of the base frame. So, my question is how can we know the gap in Z direction between the origin and the surface of the base frame?

Question 2: Sometime when I make a new project and download the robot Fanuc F200iB in, it seems like the robot configuration is "collapsed", as shown in (Question_2.jpeg). How can I fix it? 

Thank you very much.

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This issue has been recently fixed. I recommend you to take the latest version of RoboDK and download the latest version of the robot attached.

.robot   Fanuc-F-200iB.robot (Size: 649.36 KB / Downloads: 425)

Please note that hexapods are partially supported in RoboDK for the moment.
Thank you very much Albert,

I am using the latest version and will let you know the results.

Best regards,


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