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Workspace display settings

Are there any settings for the workspace and how it is displayed around the robot?  I have a Kuka KR 120 R3200 PA robot that I have inserted into a model.  When I go to turn on the workspace.  I set it to Show for Robot Flange, but I only small gray sphere's all around the robot at the places where the lines would normally show up .  Are there any settings to allow it to show the full robot reference grid?

Isaac Spencer

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.robot   KUKA-KR-180-2-PA.robot (Size: 968.61 KB / Downloads: 224)
This is a palletizing robot (4 axis robot) and RoboDK is unable to show the sphere you usually see with 6-axis robot arms.

On the other hand, you could use the Reachability app to check the reachability at certain points:
  1. Select Tools-Plug Ins
  2. Make sure the AppLoader plugin is enabled (double click on it)
  3. Select Tools-Apps List
  4. Double click on the Reachability app (or make sure it is enabled)
  5. You'll see the Reachability menu and you can select Reachability-Check reachability
You should then see how reachable the current position is with the active tool. Make sure you have a tool active.

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