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Zig Zag Welding path on cylindrical rotating part

Hi dears, I have an issue creating zig zag welding path on cylindrical rotating part. I created two cylindrical rotating part, UR5 robot for welding, parts are rotating and bring robot to weld point 1 and weld point 2. However, in these weld points I need to create zig zag path while cylindrical parts are rotating around its axis
I am attaching my workstation, and would be happy from your support

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Hi Ikrom!

I attached an example with circle welding and saddle welding.
It is better to use the Create Curves Tool and the Curve Follow Utility to build complex toolpaths.
You can import an intersection profile of two pipes from a CAD system to create a more accurate saddle weld path for pipe joints.
You can find the optimization settings for working with the positioner in the attached project.

If you have any questions or there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know. 

Best regards, Sergei

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Thanks Sergei for your responce it was helpful for me. In general can I create zig zag path on cylindrical surface element when it rotates
Yes, of course you can.
And the most convenient way, in my opinion, is to build this complex trajectory in the CAD program and import it into RoboDK along with the welding part.

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