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adding robot model in library

I would like to use the Comau PTS ORB1000 as an external axis but it is not found in the RoboDK library. Will it be added by RoboDK or how could I add/configure it myself?

Here is some info about the Comau PTS ORB1000 (page 71):

Thank you very much in advance!
Hi Jun,

You can add the external axis by yourself.
Simply follow this webinar a gave a few months ago on custom mechanisms.

Sorry this question is may be asked somewhere else , but couldn't find in this forum
How to add KR 300 R2700-2F in RoboDk library?
We need the 3D files of the robot to model it with RoboDK. I recommend you to contact us through Help-Request support from RoboDK if you have a Professional license or request to add new robots in this section of the forum:

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