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connecting a kuka robot KR C4 compact


Hello, i tried to read all the posts about Kuka. But i have an issue with connecting RoboDK with the robot itself. 

I have a KR C4 compact controller, with a KR10 r 900 robot. I would like to add a Steinbichler 3d laser scanner on it. 

I followed all the steps in the document,

But i cannot find the IP address of the robot. As it seems to be a virual pc in a network of its own i cannot connect to it. Trying already for some time, but if somebody can help that would be very nice.

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Hi there,

You should be able to retrieve the KRC4 controller IP address through the HMI.
First you need to be an administrator (see the RDK-KUKA connection document).
Then, if I remember well, there's a Network settings page that you can find in the configuration menu.

Hope it helps.
Have a great day.

Hey. I have a similar problem with KRC4 compact. I connected the network interface to the KLI port and the port on the motherboard. When connected to the KLI port, 2 IP addresses are pinged: - Used to connect WorkVisual (the PC receives IP in this IP range 172.17.255.x) - the IP address appearing in different manuals as the KLI address of the interface and specified in the HMI settings (for some reason, ping is stable only after the first connection it can break off later)
But in none of these cases it fails to connect to KUKAVARPROXY. I tested both RoboDK and apikuka. What could be wrong? I'm interested in the capabilities of RoboDK and I can’t check them ...
Thank you in advance.
Hello All, 

Eventually we are already a big step further. I am able to ping the robot controller and even to get the angles from the controller back. 

As we found the correct IP address as Jeremy said, in the HMI and we should use the bottom ip address. 

We are able to run the KUKAVARPROXY.exe, but the next hurdle is the config file. I found two of them. One almost empty, and the other one with a lot of information. But in both cases, it overwrites the old config file.

( i tried the steps from David G :
Hi Andy,
I am working with a KUKA KR6 myself right now, there are one or two things that might help you.
In the config-file Jeremy posted above, there is a mistake. The variable is called
REAL COM_ROUNDM=0. Your config seams to content REAL COM RONDM=0.
Second thing is, as far as I know, you do not need a MainCom.src file. I have read about that file somewhere, probably the same source you got it from, but I am not using it either.
If you have defined the new variables correctly, the RoboDKsync.src is not crossed out. I also had trouble with that and fixed it by fixing the config file. What the manual does not say is, that you have to run the RoboDKsync.src program in 'automatic' mode on your robot controller.
Since you are using a KRC4 controller, I am having doubts that you chose the right config file. It should be in the hidden 'system' folder inside the R1 directory. The right config file contains a lot more data and has a specific section at the end which is labeled something like 'custom user variables'.
Maybe this leads you to the solution. Sorry for the bad structure, I would be more precise, but I am not at work right now.
Let me know if you are making progress, I get back to it next week.)

but i am not able to keep the config file changed, as it goes back to its original state. 

Any ideas?
Can somebody help me with fixing the config file on the KRC4 controller? As i am almost giving up this route. Maybe it is a small thing, maybe it is a big this i don't know.
Hi there,

Make sure to have the "Administrator" rights when you modify the Config file?
If not, good chance the controller will automatically overwrite your modifications.

Have a good day.
(08-27-2019, 04:48 PM)Jeremy Wrote: Hi there,

Make sure to have the "Administrator" rights when you modify the Config file?
If not, good chance the controller will automatically overwrite your modifications.

Have a good day.

will give it a try, thanks.

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