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connecting multiple robots to RoboDK

i am creating a project where one UR10e robot does a certain job while the other UR10e robot acts as a pick&place robot... im wondering how im supposed to connect more than one robot to roboDK, right now im connected to UR10e robot with etherent cable connected straight from computer to robot.
RoboDK supports connecting to multiple robots on different IP addresses.
This is more a question of networks than RoboDK but you may need to use an ethernet switch to connect to more than one device as I don't think the UR controller has an extra ethernet port that would allow you to use a different network topology.
For Universal Robots robots specifically, make sure you choose a different port for each robot in the RoboDK robot connection panel.

Contrary to most other robots, this port is the sever port setup on your computer (not the robot) so the robot can connect to your computer.

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