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control robot with G code


I´m considering the posibility to buy a used robot ( kuka or fanuc ) and use it as a plasma cutter, with G code programs, since I´m not familiar with robots, is it feasible. I have already experience programming CNC machines and have operated a CNC plasma cutter. Is it possible to do this with Robo DK ? My guess is a Fanuc RJ 2 control or KUKA KRC2 control as an option, thanks in advance
Hi Carlos,

You should not have any problems simulating and programming KUKA robots or Fanuc robots for robot machining. You can easily convert G-code machining programs to robot programs. 

RoboDK supports KUKA KRC2 and KRC4 controllers. RoboDK also supports Fanuc RJ3 and R30iA and later controllers. Just make sure you select the right post processor:

I'm not sure if the Fanuc RJ3 post processor will work on a Fanuc RJ2 controller. I recommend you to try it and let us know if we need to do some modifications to our post processor to support it.

Hi, I have a couple Fanuc S-420i-W robots with the RJ-2 controller, I have not been able to connect to the robots through robodk and I'm not sure what I need to do to make it work, I have tried connecting via serial port and IO through Ethernet but haven't had any success with either. I initially tried to follow the instructions on the RoboDK website but found they do not instruct for how to connect on an RJ-2 controller as the teach pendant variables are not the same. Any assistance would be much appreciated as I am trying to learn the software for my school and evaluating it for my company.

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