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control rz axis seperately

Hi sirs, 
I have another question, is there a python function (command) to control Rz axis separately? 

In my project, I need to turn the tool(gripper) to a certain angle.  I will turn the Rz(every time will be in different angle) after I move the robot to a coordinate (eg (x,y,z, -30, -30, Rz)).   But when I turn the Rz the robot went to other coordinate.  
I tried to move the track-bar of θ6 manually.  Although the rx,ry is changed, the movement is exactly what I want.

if I can't turn Rz without affect the position of the other two axes, can I calculate the angles?  When I move the θ6, the other axes changed, I think it must according to some formula.

thank you
I think you are looking for RelTool(). This sample code should help you fix your issue.

robot = RDK.Item('',ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)
pos1 = robot.Pose()
pos2= RelTool(pos1,0,0,0,rz=90)
More about the RelTool() method here:
It's a very helpful solution for me, Thank you very much!

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