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costume target on surface

let's suppose i have a list of points on the curved surface. and i need to drill it vertically, 
i want to use a target on the surface, but making targets manually is practically not good and takes a long time. 
so in my view, the basic process is to make CSV file of the hole location x,y,z but to make the target perpendicular to the surface, I need W, R, P value of that point. is it possible to use teach on target function from python, then i could have select the surface as a guiding surface, and select the points. then the virtual target will be made on those points in perpendicular to the surface.

Thank you in advance,
Hi Dibash,

As far as I know, "Teach on surface" isn't accessible from the API.
But you can play with the projection parameters when you create a "curve" or "points".
You can also look at this function:

This is put to use in the example "Example-07.c-Script Curve Follow Custom" available in the local library (C:/RoboDK/Library)
There's also a script in Library/Script called Project_Curve_2_Surface.

I didn't play with that much, but in the little time I did I realized the projection function seems to work best with .stl file.

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