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curve follow project problem, and export problem


I'm going to weld both sides of a component. But when I use "curve follow project" I only get one of the sides selected. The walls to be welded are thin, but they are welded on both sides manually today. How do I fix this? 
Another problem that also emerged is: I have created a program that does not have crashes when I run it. But as soon as I export it to a video, the robot decides to make a new move and crash .. But if I rewind through the program during export, it does not crash .. How do I fix this? 

Best regards Kari
Hi Kari,

Can you attach your RDK station? And some print screen showing what you want to do and what you achieved?
Because right now you are not giving us much information to help us.

The cad drawings are confidential, so I don't think I can post the rdk station here in the forum .. Can I send it to you by mail?

Best regards Kari
Hi Kari,

Yes you can send it to us by email at:


Last webinar was helpful! By adjusting the curve path sensibility from 10.0 to 1.0 I got to choose the path that I wanted.

Still struggling with the second issue: the robot making new moves during export .. But I have sent more information + rdk station by mail to you.

Best regards Kari

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