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customize KUKA KR125-2 to KR125RL100 TJ (longer axis 4 + 20 cm)

Hello congratulation for the nice Robot DK software. i just start using it on a KR125 L, that axis 4 got an extension of 20 cm, is it possible to customize the robot by myself for have the simulation perfectly compatible ?

Thanks a lot
Hi damchap,

You can add new robots by following this video:

You simply need the 3D model of the robot and the measurements.

Have a great day.
Thank you a lot that' exactly what im looking for i wish you a good week end

Best regards

Happy to help.
Est-il possible d'exporter depuis RoboDK les différentes parties d'un robot pour les modifier sur solidworks.

merci de votre réponse.
To modify an existing robot, you can right click on it -> "Modify robot".
The parts of the robot will be created in the station tree within a new reference frame.

You can select them and right click to convert them in the object.
You can then select them and save them as .stl file.

Starting from there, you can open them in Solidworks.

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