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defining path to tool offset in curve follow projects


- I have a path I need a robot model to follow.
- I import this path as a list of points, in the format [x,y,z,i,j,k] where [x,y,z] are position of the TCP and [i,j,k] are orientation vector of the TCP.
- This definition leaves the orientation of the 6th axis undefined. For my application I need to define the 6th axis position as a function of time. 
- I found an answer at this link ( suggesting to use the "path to tool offset" feature.
- The "path to tool offset" feature seems to me not to include an option to import a list of orientations (corresponding to the list of points which define the path).

- Am I missing this functionality? Is it available somehow?
- If not available, how do I achieve this level of control (this is super necessary for me)? What suggestions do you have?

(side note: It was not at all obvious that I should import the path orientations as i,j,k vectors, especially considering that (a) I was expecting to be able to define all axes using the path definition and an i,j,k vector doesn't do that, and (b) when I double click on the imported path I see in the panel on the right "object position with respect to" and an angle definition in degrees which also mislead me)


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