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driver and a post processor of Dobot-Arm MG400
Hello roboDK team,

my request is about the implementation of a driver and a post processor to control the robot Dobot MG400. In the roboDK library already exists the robot, which allows to perform simulations. 

It would be interesting to connect the real robot to roboDK.

This is the link for various Dobot industrial robot:
The SDK is suitable for the secondary development of Dobot collaborative robot CR/MG400/M1Pro series. Based on TCP / IP communication protocol, and provides the support of Java / C++ / C# / Python / ROS / MATLAB / LabVIEW / Android Demo.

In our lab we already purchase 10 sets of DoBot MG400 and 31 sets of RoboDK licenses.
we would be interested in testing the driver and helping with the development.

Best regards,
Sam Choy
We currently have a driver for Dobot Magician robot. Do you know if it works on the Dobot MG400 as well?

If not, we would be happy to work with you to improve our Dobot driver to support the MG400 robot. It is better if you contact us by email at so we can start working on this.

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