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"freeze" joint?

I'm using a 6dof KUKA arm (KUKA KR6 R900) and due to a mechanical constraint, I don't want joint j6 to move.
I didn't see a direct command to "freeze"/ignore this dof, so I tried to set the joint limit to [-5,5].
This didn't work since MoveL/MoveJ don't always succeed.

What I really want is that the motion planning will just ignore this dof.
Is there a way to tell the arm to just ignore joint j6 all the time? (actually look at the arm as a 5 dof arm)?

(we have the professional license if it makes a difference)

Hi Yotam,

I don't recommend you to block the motion for joint 6. You won't be able to drag the robot and it will not allow you to easily create targets in RoboDK. Instead, it may be better to create a macro to recalculate all targets and keep joint 6 constant or impose a certain value.

If you can provide more information about what you are trying to do we can give you better advice and provide sample code.

Another option would be to model this robot as a 5-axis mechanism (similar to Staubli HSM robots, like the Staubli RX170 HSM).
Is this what you are looking for?


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