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getDI(io_var) with postprocessor

I try to integrate digital inputs into my robotprogramm, which is generated by the postprocessor.
As written in the manual for getDI(io_var): This function is only useful when connected to a real robot using the robot driver.
It's logic, that if no robot is connected to RoboDK, getDI has no function in a simulationprogramm. But I could give the simulation a sample value, and work with that. But if I want to get a digital input in an offline robotprogramm, generated with a postprocessor, how could I implement this?

Maybe following code explains, what i mean. I got a Python-Script which checks, if a DI is true. If it's true, a movement will be started. r is the robot.

if getDI(2):

This code will be interpreted and sent to the postprocessor like this:

r.RunMessage(r"""getDI(2) command is only available when using the API""", True)

Technically, I could catch this RunMessage and I would know, where the if-condition starts. But I got no information about how far the if condition reaches and if MoveJ(somePoint2) was inside of the condition or not. Is there any possibility to get this to work?

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