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getDI returning nothing

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to use the new function getDI but I'm just receiving "None" as an output.
I'm thinking that maybe the KUKA driver that we're using is old and is not sending a reply to this, is this possible?
By the way, we're using a KUKA KR210 with a KRC2 Ed2005, the driver is called RoboDKsync35.src
Maybe we just need a new driver? :)
Thanks in advance!

Actually, I've just realized that the post processor for KUKA KRC2 doesn't have any option for the getDI function, is this correct?
Really there are no comments regarding this issue?

As far as I understand the post processor (KRC2) is lacking the option for getDI function :/
Hi Nox,

The post processor ignores digital input instructions unless you manually provide the code to capture a digital input and apply an action (for example, an IF statement with a function call). This is mostly because the program is generated offline.

I assume you are using the driver? In that case you can use the waitDI instruction. This should be already working with KUKA. The getDI instruction is ignored at this moment but we could add it. I would recommend you to send us an email if you are interest in this function returning the status.

Hi Albert,
I've sent you an email regarding this request.
Thank you very much!
Hi Albert,
I've been trying to solve this issue with no results...
Both the post processor and the robodk driver for KUKA doesn't have the option to do something for getDI...
Is it possible to get the updates files for this function to work?
I've sent you an email regarding this, I'd really appreciate it if you can reply me back, thanks!

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