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ghost tool when table rotates

I am making a demo weldment program with a UR10e and Kinetic Technologies RT-1 rotary weld table. I have the weld curves the way I want and the table rotates like I need. I am wanting to record the program run. When the program runs and the table rotates I get ghost tool objects show while rotating (see picture). If there a way to hide these? I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation, videos, or on here. 


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You have probably the "Auto Update" feature on in your machining projects. So every time the turn table moves, the reference frame moves with it and the machining projects have to be recalculated again. Disable "Auto Update" and the ghost tools should disappear.
Thank you for this. I wouldn't have guessed that the auto update would do that. I figured that the auto update was needed to keep things synced.

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