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how to get motion curve

Is there a way to get a list of points that makeup the motion curve from targetA to targetB via the API?

I want to be able to stream the robot joint angles to a log file as the robot is moving.
Hi robotguy,

You want the list of points or joint angles? I am newbie here too, but I can suggest some solution for you. In the macros that are already saved in the RoboDK, there is one that allows to monitor the joints of a robot every 50 ms. If you want the joint angles, it is already done there. But if you want the points ,you could solve the forward kinematics of the robot using robot.SolveFK(joints) and get the homogenous matrx and extract x,y,z position of robotic tip from there.

P.S. I am looking into the right answer if I am wrong.

Best Regards

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