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how to set operation speed for a robot machining project


I have a robot that needs to be setup for cutting with a laser. 

When I import a dxf file(thus creating a robot machining project) I can generate a working program but the operation speed is way to fast. Is there any way to control the operation speed in the same way as when you make a "curve/point follow project" ?

I know you can manually edit the speed of each point but that would take too long. I also tried to change the max speed in the post processor but that of course also effect the speed when the laser is off and moves from one point to another which can happen at "normal" speed.
If you are using the DXF2Gcode app to import DXF files you'll find these settings in the Layers tab (XY speed/feed rate and Z speed can be set separately).

Behind the scenes, a G-code program (machine code) is generated from the DXF file and loaded in RoboDK as if it were a normal G-code program. The G-code program includes speeds and tool radius compensation so you may need to account for the tool diameter as well.

Thank you. this gives the result I wanted.

I do have a small problem.

I would assume that when changing the speed setting the program would use these new settings after pressing update. Instead I need to delete the program and the "robot machining project" completly and import the dxf again. When creating a new program it has the new speed settings.

I go here to change the speed

i then close the windows and press update


I hope I'm doing something wrong because this is not ideal.

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