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import a follow project curve

inventor 2019
i projected a curve on a surface
I tried to import the whole surface and projected curve as stp in robodk but i do not see the curve, just the surface
how can i use the curve as a path for the robot?

i found this plug in
which is the file to double clicking?

Did you follow this section of the documentation?

Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel


.rdk   station oiling.rdk (Size: 930.85 KB / Downloads: 89) hi Jeremy
I succesful installed the plug in for inventor 19
I am watching your videos about curve follow path
I have a curve above a curved surface, but I do not know yet how to change the sense of the grey arrow, the curve I need to follow has been imported
I am getting an error when i try to simulate the whole program, the path is ok
Now i am trying to join in a main program from home to home

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.rdk   station oiling.rdk (Size: 972.48 KB / Downloads: 91)
This reachability issue happens because you call goApproach after you have set your coordinate system and tool and before you start the planned movements for Path1. The program goApproach changes the previously set tool and reference frame.

One option to solve this issue is to remove setting a tool or reference frame inside goApproach and make the targets in your approach program joint targets. Another option could be to trigger the goApproach program on program start and not on path start. I attached an RDK project file that implements these 2 changes.

You could also place your targets inside the same coordinate system you use for your path in the curve follow project (Reference AI).

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.rdk   station oiling-v2.rdk (Size: 972.74 KB / Downloads: 91)
Hi Albert
thanks for your reply
I sorted with this "...Another option could be to trigger the goApproach program on program start and not on path start. ..."
I am going to study the other options


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