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import cad

Hello, we work with solidworks and when import the cad to the ROBODK the part don't have colors, we try to save the cad in other formats IGS, STP but the result is the same the part without colors, it's very important for our projects the colors of the part that help to recognize the details of it.

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Hello rivaser,[url=][/url]

Try this method and tell me if it work :
1 - Save the part from SolidWorks in stp AP214 format.
2 - Open it with RoboDK
3 - In RoboDK, go to Tools -> Change color and select the part
4 - Select the color with the most faces (it should be #cad1ee), and put 0 in the alpha channel setting.


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Hello Olivier
Thanks for your quick response, the problem is solved with your advise.

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