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import path ls fanuc


.rdk   br40d3.rdk (Size: 780.34 KB / Downloads: 365)
.rdk   br40d3.rdk (Size: 780.34 KB / Downloads: 365) hello
i upload a ls file for fanuc
xhen you read la ls file did you check the config wirst  nut , fut???

when i execute the path the robot fly
Hi Raynald,

Looking at your simulation, it seems like it's not taken into account.
Importing program is not an official feature. Anyway, it's quite easy to fix.

Activate the proper reference frame
Select a problematic movement
Right-click -> Select target
A target will be created in the reference frame
Open the robot panel
Select the right configuration using the "Other configuration" tool
Right-click the target -> Teach current position

Do that for every faulty movement.

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