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jaka zu 7 - conction and generating code for robot problem

I could manage to connect the Jaka ZU 7 to RoboDK (using the DobotDriver), but I have some problems: 

1) it does not stay connected for a long time; 

2) I can't get the live position of the robot on RoboDK (through the button "get position"); 

3) I can't operate the robot in real-time using RoboDK(not even the command "move joints");

If you guys have any advice, idea, or ways in which I can solve any/all of my problem I'm grateful. Thank you for your help, have a great day!
You should not have any issues programming Jaka robots offline. However, we currently do not have a driver for Jaka robots.

It would be better if you can contact us by email and we can work with you to add driver compatibility for Jaka.

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