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kawasaki robot connection problem

Hello there
There is a connection problem with the kawasaki robot. can you help for this
Can you give more details on the problem and the steps you took to connect?

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hi Jeremy
I set I / P on robot tpc / I / P robot and robodk but the error persisted. Trying on the FTP server failed. I think it might be possible to be another prokotole on the robot side with great excitement. if you have already connected with kawasaki. You can solve this problem. waiting for your help. I started to use the program actively. I send the programs to the robot with a different program.
RoboDK allows connection to a Kawasaki robot?
what is FTP user name and FTP password?
How to modify the Kawasaki post-processor so that it is added to the genetic program subprograms defined in the header


   .PROGRAM tcpopen()#1
       num = 1; liczba elementow wysylanej tablicy
       tout = 5  ; timeout [s]
       ret = 0
       port = 100 ; numer portu
       socket = 0
       ip[1] = 192
       ip[2] = 168
       ip[3] = 1
       ip[4] = 15
       ;*** otwieranie portu ***
           TCP_CONNECT socket,port,ip[1],tout
        UNTIL ret>=0


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