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modifying kuka post processor to automatically replace NC commands


I would like to create a robot programm for a KR30 equipped with a laser cutting head. For that purpose I have generated a  NC code for the 2D Movement (and Z approach and retract while cutting different profiles in one go). I have identified to Parameters M50 and M51 which I could "highjack" to implement the specific "laser on" & "laser off" routines (which are relatively long because they activate the laserhead automatic Z control, Gasflow, crossjet and so forth).

What woud be an appropriate approach to do this?

Modify a krc4 post processor to automatically replace M50 and M51 with the laser code?
How would I approach this?

I have attached the mentioned NC code.
You would need to add a "trap" in the "def RunCode" of the post-processor to catch M50 and M51 and replace them with the subprogram call you can to trigger.
If you own a RoboDK Professional license, you can contact us through "Help"->"Request support" and ask for the right post-processor.
You can also tell that I'm sending you, they will put me in cc and I will give you an example code for the trap.

BTW, there is no NC code attached, but that's fine. I don't think I need it here.

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Thank you,

I did file a request and asked that you would be put in cc.

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