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move circular not working as it should

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to make my robot (KUKA KR-210 l150-2) to perform a simple circular movement (with python), for this I have 3 targets (cartesian targets):
point1 (my initial pose)
point2 (intermediate pose)
point3 (final pose)

[Image: BE867KS.png]

So with my robot staying at point1, I use the MoveC(point2, point3) function and it does the circular motion perfectly (while working just with the simulation)
the problem is that when I run the script on the robot the circular movement behaves really weird:
[Image: CIaJMeP.png]
[Image: OCss1Rx.png]
[Image: Nrj8GOR.png]
(Final Position)

Overall, the movement path looks like this:
[Image: XKDpsWt.png]

Does any of you know why is this happening and how to fix it?
BTW: move linear is also behaving really weird, showing me the right movement on simulation but moving the robot randomly (I can't find a relation between the simulation movement and the real life movement) when executing the script on the robot...

Thanks in advance!

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