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passing ethernet messages to the simulator?

currently we have a ur10 and we are writing our software in python and passing commands over ethernet to the robot. this works but debugging is sometimes costly in time.

we're considering purchasing or trialing this software and wondering if we can use the simulator in this way: keep our code outside of the simulator and only pass messages to the simulator?

is this possible and is there a section of user docs you could point me to?

or there is a different way to think about this that we are missing?

Yes, this is possible. You can run your Python code externally. You just need to install the RoboDK API for Python using:

pip install robodk

More information about the RoboDK API for Python here:

You can also start RoboDK in the background passing the commands /NOSPLASH /HIDDEN /NOSHOW or using robodk.HideRoboDK(). Example:

# Load the RoboDK module
from robolink import *

# Connect to the simulator (it starts RoboDK if it is not running)
RDK = Robolink()

# Hide RoboDK window

# Example to show RoboDK window


# Close RoboDK

More information about the available commands to interact with RoboDK from Python here:

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