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pick/place using robot + linear rail


I'd like to make a program that uses a 6X robot mounted on a linear rail:

rail at 'home'
robot goes to 'target1'   (defined in a frame 'world' -not relative to robot) (picks a part here)
robot moves along rail to 'rail end'  (max travel)
robot goes to 'target2'    (defined in a frame 'world' -not relative to robot)  (places the part here)

Seems easy enough but I can't seem to figure it out.

Rail seems to work fine, I can move it in a program.

In attached RDK file, prog3 is what I want.

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.rdk   test.rdk (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 1,323)
Since you have a robot and a linear rail (mechanism) you have to pay attention to what mechanism you are currently using when you define new targets and programs. After you create a target you can right click it (image) and select the linked robot. Alternatively, you can select the robot before adding the target and the target will be associated to that robot. The same issue arises if you have 2 or more robots.

Also, when you teach a target with respect to a specific reference frame you must make sure that it is the reference currently activated (green dot on the icon).

[Image: Target-Robot-Link.png]

You can manage external axes such as a linear rail in two different ways: As a separate mechanism (like you did) or synchronize it with the robot. Synchronizing it with the robot means that the robot manages the position of the linear track as an additional axis. To synchronize external axes in RoboDK you can right click the robot and select Synch External Axes.

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.rdk   UR robot with rail.rdk (Size: 1.06 MB / Downloads: 1,226)

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