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program generation for 3D printing

when I generate robot program for my 3D programming, the ROBODK generate CALL JOB EXTRUDE for each of the movement points. my robot does not know the "call Job extrude" and it is difficult to manually change or remove them one by one. Is there any way to remove this call or not generate them? Then I will call my system or machine manually in the program latter.

CALL JOB:Extrude
MOVL C00002 V=130.0 PL=1
CALL JOB:Extrude
MOVL C00003 V=40.0 PL=1
CALL JOB:Extrude
MOVL C00004 V=130.0 PL=1
CALL JOB:Extrude
MOVL C00005 V=40.0 PL=1
CALL JOB:Extrude
MOVL C00006 V=30.0 PL=1
CALL JOB:Extrude
Hi Mira,

Simply remove it in the "Program Events".
Just delete the content of the text box.

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