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program.setSpeed() API instruction crashes RoboDK

Hi Everyone,

I am using the Python API and when adding a speed instruction to the program the window will still pop up although it is disabled as in 

program.setSpeed(value, False) 

Then RoboDK can not handle it anymore, and it crashes.
Note, I am generating robot instructions from a CSV file using a for loop, which has about 16k points.
Any help is appreciated.


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So I solved the problem. 

The issue was with the speed value, it was negative which is incorrect. But It would be better if the API would check the value first before it sends it to RoboDK, and throw an error in case of an unexpected value.

Setting the speed or the acceleration to a negative value will ignore the change of speed. Also, this function was not made to work with booleans but with numbers.

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