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question about cartesian robot

Hi :
I crated a cartesian robot.And use it to simulation a workpiece contour profile. but the path appear deviation!
How can I fixed it?

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.mp4   媒体1.mp4 (Size: 3.34 MB / Downloads: 193)
Make sure to have a robot TCP to reference the TCP correctly in the path setting.

Right click on TM Robot->Add Tool (TCP), this should create a "Tool 1".
You can then modify its position to fit the actual tool of the robot by right clicking on it and going in Options.

Click on Path1 setting, select the tool you just created in "Tool" and update the project.
Can you provide the .rdk file?

Your part position should be all zeros and you should move the reference frame.

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Hi Jeremy:
I'm sorry for the late reply I want to build a Cartesian robot with a rotation axis at the end. To simulate the end tool rotating along the curve while maintaining rotation.
Q1:The Cartesian coordinate robot I created can complete the movement along the defined curve without adding the rotation axis, but it cannot be completed by calling gudel-fp-6-300 in the robot library. as  Attachment1,2
Q2:There was a problem while adding the axis of rotation and synchronizing the Cartesian  Attachment3

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.rdk   New Station (1).rdk (Size: 1.91 MB / Downloads: 191)
.rdk   New Station (2).rdk (Size: 235.84 KB / Downloads: 166)
.rdk   New Station (3).rdk (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 176)
.robot   TM H robot.robot (Size: 1.89 MB / Downloads: 180)
.robot   ZK-100.robot (Size: 105.09 KB / Downloads: 177)

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