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.rdk simulation is 0kb after PC crash [with pictures]

Hi. I got an error yesterday, which pretty much destroyed the simulation I've build up.

PC Specs:
+nVidia Quadro K1110M

This is the error I have from RoboDK:
"Problems reading file: The RoboDK Station file is corrupted or there's not enough available space. Errors will follow."

How did I get this error?
- RoboDK was already launched. Then I launched Mozilla (2-3 tabs open) to download a new .step file from GrabCAD, Then i closed the Mozilla, opened the .zip I downloaded from GrabCAD and finally then when i got back to RoboDK and moved the scene to look it from a different angle, the PC crashed.
I actually have a video of how that PC crash looked like. Link: (Video is "Unlisted", so only people with link can view it)
I know my simulation wasn't that complex, because I've did much more complex simulations on RoboDK and there wasn't any issue with them. And of course, for better FPS, I've did this:

Now the file is like this:

Of course I tried to Restore the PC to an earlier point, but I don't have any points saved, so the Restore didn't happen.

The question is: Can i somehow save this simulation from dying or its completely done? RoboDK doesn't make auto-backups every 20-30min somewhere?

Edit: RoboDK in fact has Auto-Backups, but I they are not turned on by default.

Clicking on "Recover Auto Backup" button tells me I don't have any backups saved. And that's normal, because I haven't turned the Backup feature on.
I'm very sorry that you are experiencing that issue.

Unfortunately, if you didn't create some "version" of your project, there is no way to recover a corrupted file like that.
This is a very rare situation, you are the second person I see with such an issue.

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