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robodk automatically sutdown

Hi there, 
I have faced the robot shut down quite often. 
this time I record the screen of that problem and send it here in an attachment. 

I had an old account that I couldn't log in with a password and couldn't retrieve from forget the password. I need to ask a question so I make this account. can I delete the old account? 
I did not see the options in the setting.

for your convenience, please watch after 2:00 in the above video.

Attached Files
.mp4   robodk crash problem.mp4 (Size: 9.75 MB / Downloads: 358)
I'm unable to reproduce this issue with the latest version. Did you try the latest version?
We recently fixed a bug related to what you are showing.

If you can reproduce the bug with the latest version it would help if you can share the file before the crash so we can reproduce it.
let me update today and see, I will reply when I have this issue.
the update looks fine, I cannot reproduce the same crash again.
Thanks for the update Dibash.

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