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robotic welding simulation - questions

Hi, is it possible to (semi-)accurately simulate algorithms involved in robotic welding such as seam tracking, touch sensing, etc with RoboDK? I know that Octopuz mentions it on their site, but haven't demoed to see what exactly these features entail.
 Basically I will have an aluminum welding application, and due to dimensional tolerance issues from suppliers, there will be variance in joint straightness/fitment oftentimes. It'd might be handy to simulate these scenarios before making an equipment purchase.
Hi CB001,

It's not possible to simulate those behavior at the moment.
Sorry for that.

It is not possible to simulate seam tracking or touch sensing in a user friendly manner in RoboDK. You could integrate these features but it would require developing the algorithms involved. For example, to simulate seam tracking you could use a simulated camera as a one pixel array (depth view camera), then, use the RoboDK API to retrieve the scan and compensate according to certain criteria. This would require work to integrate everything properly for simulation purposes.

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