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send program complet program to UR5e


We have a school project where we will create the program on Robotdk, then this will be transferred to UR5e.

We have created a program on robotdk and simulated it, but cannot get it to work when we transfer it to UR5e.

Is there anything in our program that cannot be transferred directly from robotdk? Or something that we should do differently to solve this?

Appreciate all replies :)

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Did you properly configure your local network to be able to connect to the robot? You can do so by selecting Connect-Connect robot.

It looks like the IP of the robot is set to You should update this IP to the correct IP of the robot controller.
Thanks for the feedback, I will check.

Is it possible to have the python program to be transferred to the UR5e robot?
Yes, you can transfer a Python program by right clicking on the Python node and selecting Generate robot program.

The program will be generated based on the robot instructions you use in the Python program: robot movements, operations with digital inputs/outputs, program calls, changing tool frames and reference frames, etc.

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