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speed in variable

It is possible in RoboDK save speeds in some variables? Because when i have program with for example 50 welds and 50 movements and i want experiment with speeds to calculate possible welding time it is too much setup changes.
Thank You.

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It is not possible to define the speed as a variable in RoboDK.

On the other hand, you could customize a post processor to override a specific speed. Just make sure to revert it back to the original if your goal is to run a quick test.

   def setSpeed(self, speed_mms):
       """Changes the robot speed (in mm/s)"""

# Change the speed of 50 mm/s to 100 mm/s
       if abs(speed_mms - 50) < 0.001:
           speed_mms = 100
       self.SPEED_MMS = speed_mms        
       self.addline('$SPD_OPT := SPD_LIN')
       self.addline('$LIN_SPD := %.3f' % (speed_mms*0.001))
Hello Albert,
In Comau is command for welding: arc_start(1)
and welding speed is defined in data table in row 1.
so user don't need use commands $SPD_OPT : SPD_LIN and $LIN_SPD := ...
i just think speed variables in roboDK will be fine for check working time when customer ask me on his weldment how much time will be robot weld.
because it is possible welding with higher parameters with higher speed or lower parameters with slower speeds and we exmerimenting with this variables for our customers..

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